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We Are
Venture Express

For over 40 years, Venture Express has been committed to community, technological innovation, and customer service. As a leading transportation provider, we’ve become a pivotal partner in our customer’s success. Let us be a part of your success as well.

About Us

At every step of the journey we’ve placed a premium on our people. They are truly where the rubber meets the road. A never-ending quest for technological advancement keeps us between the lines and right on time. Contact us to see how we can drive your business today.

Why Choose Us


With over four decades of evolution and innovation, we know how to stay on top of the rapidly changing transportation marketplace.

Core Values

Since the beginning, we have placed our drivers and their families at the forefront of our business.


We at Venture Express believe in loyalty and face-to-face relationships with our clients. See why our customers have stayed with us year after year.


Times change, and so do we. The logistics landscape is fast-paced and ever-changing. As you grow to meet the shifting demands of your business, we grow to meet yours.

Whether you're a driver or a customer, contact us to see how we can help drive your future.

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